Midem is a unique and exciting event in the music industry; one that brings together leaders and mavericks in this field, aiming to reach a greater insight into the international music ecosystem. Muzeek was very proud of being invited to participate in this event to discuss the burgeoning role of Artificial Intelligence in the music industry. While questions arise about the exact role that A.I. will take in the industry, it seems that the next step for musical innovation is to embrace the power of A.I.


The subject of A.I and Music working together often raises some eyebrows. It might seem that these two entities cannot coexist, as one belongs to a realm of mathematics and sciences and the other, to one of artistic creativity. Often, by virtue of its disruptive nature, Artificial Intelligence is seen as a destructive force in this industry, rather than a constructive one. However, this common misconception of the role of A.I is one of the reasons why Muzeek was invited to intervene at Midem. Indeed, Muzeek’s philosophy in creating its artificial intelligence was never to replace artists and composers, but rather to amplify their creative ability, just as it empowers video creators. This desire to create a tool that would elevate rather than replace our creative ability, is what gave birth to Muzeek’s concept of the augmented composer: a real composer, with real musicians, using real instruments and the magic of our A.I coming into play to transform the seed of this original work into an arborescent multitude of unique compositions.


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