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Muzeek uses artificial intelligence to create amazing royalty-free music. This allows us to create songs specifically tailored to your needs!
Thanks to our powerful video analysis tools we can also automatically generate the perfect song for your video project and offer you fast and easy licensing options.
Check out our blog or our FAQ for more information!
Muzeek’s music is generated on the spot by our amazing artificial intelligence!
This means that unlike the music libraries you may be accustomed to, each music you license is guaranteed to be unique.
But that’s not all since music libraries can only offer so many songs while Muzeek can endlessly generate original tracks, just keep generating and enjoy unlimited choice!
Finally, Muzeek is the only such service that offers fully integrated video analysis and synchronization technology to insure that the music you license will always be perfect for your project.
In order to license a track with Muzeek you must have an account.
If you do not wish to pursue a paying membership you can easily become a member of our Free membership which will grant you access to licensing privileges.
After Licensing a song a download button will appear.
After pressing that button you will have the choice over what format you want to download your music in, as well as individual instrumental stems.
Firstly, we would like to apologize if this happens to you. Our music is 100% copyright clear and you have nothing to worry about.
Unfortunately, this is a common issue with YouTube and other video platforms.
Should this happen, you simply need to counter the claim with your Muzeek issued license. The claim will then be dropped.
You can read more about what to do in this situation here

However, please note that your Muzeek license does not allow you to upload your project to YouTube’s Content ID system as Muzeek retains ownership of the recording even after licensing.
Music generated using the Muzeek artificial intelligence is royalty free. This means that after you’ve licensed your music, you can use it as many times as you wish for as long as you respect the terms associated with the license you have purchased.

We offer 2 main licensing options:


Each standard license is a single use license valid for three years from the time of purchase (one licence = one project).

The standard license gives you the right to:

  • Post your project on Facebook Youtube or any free video sharig platform
  • Monetize your personal web videos
  • Share within an academic or professional setting (on campus only)
  • Play as background for an event or commercial surface
  • Use for a non profit project.
  • Use on free podcasts and audiobooks


  • All the benefits of the standard license
  • Web advertisement and promotional work
  • Post on paid video streaming services
  • Post on company website or social network account
As soon as you hit “license” you will be given the option of downloading your music as mentioned in the “I purchased a license. Where is the download link?” part of the FAQ.
To ensure that our composers are compensated by the relevant Performing Rights Organisations, cue sheets must be completed for productions that are publicly broadcast, such as TV, radio, film and theatrical productions and advertisements.
If you are unsure whether your project falls under the scope of public performance, please contact your local Performance Rights Organization (PRO).
Only the Universal license gives you the right to do so, however note that it does indemnify you from paying us royalties. In other words, if you wish to record your own song over our music you will be obligated to pay royalties for each broadcasting instances and sales of copies physical or digital.
No, since our music is generated on demand by our artificial intelligence every track you will find is unique and exists nowhere else.
In fact, it does not exist until YOU press the generate button!
Once you have purchased and downloaded a music file Muzeek will not offer a refund unless an error has occurred.
In what type of file format will the music be sent to me?
Once you have licensed a track you will be given the opportunity to choose your preferred file format as well as download each individual instrumental stems.
You may choose any (and all) of the following formats:
   o  m4a – aac - 96 kbps
   o  m4a – aac - 320 kbps
   o  m4a – alac - Lossless
Technical considerations
Music Supervisors, demand that tracks be mixed and mastered to industry standards in order to be accepted for licensing opportunities.
Our music is mixed in high resolution 24bit wav files at 44.1khz from a 32bit mixing engine.
Our music can be delivered in stems. Stems, simply put, are the separated elements of your full soundtrack, commonly used for promotional or re-versioning purposes. They can be single elements or several elements mixed together. In film, stems are often used in mixing multiple channel configurations of mono, stereo, or wider.
Our music is ready to be used in television programs around the world and is mixed and mastered to internationally agreed standards of loudness. The loudness of our music is measured by ITU-R BS.1770-3 meters, which measure the perceived loudness of program material and is mastered to EBU R128 (in Europe) and ATSC A/85 (in the United States) standards. The perceived loudness of our music is at a maximum of -13LUFS which is perfect for You Tube and many other digital platforms. Our music is mastered at a true peak of -2db which is important for sound that will be delivered in various formats like online videos and television mixes which often need mixes with 2 decibels below clipping.
If your credit card was decline, it is likely an error coming from your own bank. Please call the number on the back of your card to find out why it was declined.
We are dedicated to offer the safest payment solutions available, all of your information will be closely guarded by state-of-the-art online payment security technology.
No! Nothing is more important to us than to protect your privacy, we will insure that all of your information remains safe and private.
Muzeek will not share, give, rent or sell your e-mail addresses or personal contact information to any other party.